The Nature of State Power: The Farce of Democracy in Australia

Glossary of Terms

Several terms have been used in this publication. Two in particular demand some explanation:

1) National Revolution: We shall take this to mean a revolutionary change in the social and psychological outlook of the Australian people (affecting an alteration to current cultural-political attitudes) with a consequent change in our political institutions, etc.; which would include the displacement of the former System of cosmopolitan-internationalist values, and the "abolition" of the present anti-Australian State. We do not consider this National Revolution to follow any "models" from history, nor do we promote the term to imply a commitment to violence (to be more explicit, we are talking of a Social Revolution).

2) Social-Republic: We shall take this to mean the ideal form for Australian society as enunciated by the early nationalist, labour, and republican movements. It implies "mateship" in practise, equality before the law, and economic justice for all Australians. It states that our new State is committed to the uplifting of the conditions of all Australians. The term also differentiates the true republican ideal from the fake ALP-sponsored "republicanism".


Ned Kelly

The Nature of State Power: The Farce of Democracy in Australia

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