How to Combat the Political Police

Understanding the Role of Intelligence Agencies
in the "Legal" and Illegal Harassment of Nationalist Movements
(And How to Implement Counter-Measures)

(A summary)

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Political police are not to be trusted; an important part of their job is to destroy Nationalist organisations. In "the line of duty", they would inform on their grandmothers and frame their friends; THEY SERVE THE ESTABLISHMENT AND NOT YOU.

REMEMBER AT ALL TIMES: The State in Australia is not neutral at all. It is a coercive machine which pushes anti-Australian politics against our nation and people. NO POLITICAL POLICEMAN CAN EVER BE TRUSTED.

We must all face the fact that Nationalists are subject to political police "investigation". This will always be the case, regardless of how "nice guy" nationalists speak or act. ASIO defines subversion as "racism". This is a fact! ASIO no longer considers the Communist Party, and most other marxist groups, as "subversive". That change occurred back in 1982.

That Nationalists will be investigated and harassed is to be expected, due to our opposition to Australia's racial, economic, and political destruction mapped out for us by the Establishment. It is that simple. Don't forget it.

Political police want to know everything: Who nationalists are, how many there are, and what they do. They "need" all this in case they can frame-up leaders, and otherwise destabilise the organisation. It is essential that they find out as little as possible. They cannot fight what they do not "know".

Simple rules to follow

Whether you are a supporter, an ordinary Member, or a Cadre-Member, there are many things you can do to minimise the impact political police may have on yourself, other people, and the party. Drawing upon the actual experiences of Nationalists, we have drawn up a short list of practical steps. Obey them as appropriate!

(1) Never keep lists of members, etc., in easily accessible places. Hide them well - very well.

(2) Phone indexes: remember in your head as much as you can. Never put political contacts in your "normal" index or book.

(3) Never post members' mail in bulk from the same post office. They'll find out sooner or later, and start copying addresses.

(4) Never discuss confidential business on an office phone or on a phone that you assume is tapped.

(5) Never phone out to unknown members on a tapped phone. Numbers "register" when dialled.

(6) Never park cars near a meeting spot. Registration numbers provide easy identification.

(7) Never provide new supporters with confidential information. Follow the laid-down procedures for new members, to weed out undesirables or suspicious persons.

(8) Be suspicious of anyone who urges violence. This is a classic tactic of agent provocateurs. Report any provocation to a party official.
Also be suspicious of anyone who spreads malicious gossip about others in the party, especially about party leaders (for example, accusations of pilfering from party funds are a favourite tactic of disrupters). Ask the gossiper to state where he got his information from. Report any such situation to a party official.
Creating divisions within organisations is a classic role of agent provocateurs. Be aware of this. Report any such situation to a party official.

(9) IF ARRESTED: SAY NOTHING. SIGN NOTHING. (Remember: you need not be guilty of anything to be arrested by "impartial" C.I.B. frame up merchants working for the political police). This is your inalienable right set down in law. Even if you're guilty of a minor offence, never confess it, or they'll try to "fit" you with a major one.
Refuse to answer all questions until a solicitor is present. Remember, IF they're going to "charge" you, they are going to do it REGARDLESS of what you might say. Take your chance - stay silent! You won't regret it. Make it hard on them, endure their abuse or assault. Anything you say won't help you - it will be used against you, the police may even "twist" what you have said in order to fit their "version" of events.

(10) Never keep mail after it's been processed or answered. Destroy it.

(11) Never tell anyone where you keep any confidential material, other than the responsible Cadre-Member. Minimise all paper work.

(12) Photograph political police whenever you can - even at demonstrations hosted by other groups. Put a name to their faces.

(13) If the political police harass you, publish the details (with photo if possible) - "secret" police don't like having their covers blown.

(14) Impress ordinary uniformed police, whenever you can, with our patriotism and correctness. There are numerous reasons for this.

(15) Always report any attempted contact by the political police, or any other "suspicious" behaviour, to your relevant party official.

Always refuse to speak to the political police. Do not speak to them AT ALL!! Any talk can only benefit them.
All seemingly "unimportant", "irrelevant", or "small" bits of information are important to them. Every piece (of information) that they gather will be added to their "jigsaw", eventually giving them a detailed broad picture and/or confirming information they may have been unsure about. We must not aid them in their activities.

JUST DO NOT TALK TO THEM AT ALL. This essential tactic needs to be repeated, just to ensure that the importance of it is clearly understood:

Remember, they are not a "neutral" agency, they are one of the Establishment's weapons - to be used against Nationalists. THEY ARE NEVER TO BE TRUSTED. Information gathered will be used to destabilise party operations, to enable the "targeting" of party leaders, and to assist the State by providing evidence to be used for various harassments (such as helping with the prosecution of nationalists under the various Racial Vilification Laws).

If you are "forced" to talk to them: To their lies make it clear that you know that they are part of the Establishment apparatus, and that you are a patriot, a nationalist, nothing more, nothing less.

NOTE: The political police may, on occasion, use the "ordinary" police to do their work. BE AWARE OF THIS TACTIC.

"He who saves a nation breaks no law"


PL2 - 11 November 1996

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