How to Combat the Political Police

Understanding the Role of Intelligence Agencies
in the "Legal" and Illegal Harassment of Nationalist Movements
(And How to Implement Counter-Measures)


Section One: Who They Are
Section Two: Are Nationalists A Subject For Political Police "Investigation"?
Section Three: How The Political Police Work Against Patriots
Section Four: Simple Rules To Follow

Appendix One: Examples Of Political Police Activities Against Nationalists
Appendix Two: Brief Rules Regarding Contact With The Political Police
Appendix Three: Infiltrators and Agent Provocateurs
Appendix Four: White-Ant Killer
Appendix Five: Your Legal Rights
Appendix Six: The Captain

"He who saves a nation breaks no law"


"I do not recognise your law"

Ned Kelly

It is recommended that the summary of the main document is read so as to gain a general overview before reading the larger document.

Note from the editor: This publication is a rewrite of a previously published pamphlet (subject to editing and alteration, as well as including sections written by the editor). The original author, (Dr.) Jim Saleam, has disclaimed any copyright in relation to the original pamphlet.

George Kyriakopoulos

Second edition
11 November 1997

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