How to Combat the Political Police

Section Two

Are Nationalists A Subject For Political Police "Investigation"?

The answer to the above question is "YES". And it is "yes" regardless of how "nice guy" nationalists speak or act. ASIO defines subversion as "racism". This is a fact! ASIO no longer considers most Communist/Marxist groups as "subversive". That change occurred back in 1982.

The state-run Special Branch were more responsive to immediate political pressures and viewed nationalists as criminal, not only because of their activities (and alleged activities), but because of their political opinions. In its later years, the New South Wales Special Branch tried to recruit agents of more intelligence to combat active nationalists.

Such "investigation" (and other harassment) is natural, due to our opposition to Australia's racial, economic, and political destruction mapped out for us by the Establishment. It is that simple. Don't forget it.

How to Combat the Political Police

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