How to Combat the Political Police

Appendix Two

Brief Rules Regarding Contact With The Political Police

No Nationalist shall have any discussion with the political police (i.e. A.S.I.O., Special Branch, etc.). No matter how insignificant the talk, or how "well known" the information passed on may seem, it may well be of value to them. DO NOT TALK TO THEM AT ALL.

If approached by such people refuse, in a polite but emphatic fashion, to talk to them. There is then little they can do. Don't be tricked into talking to them. Any such contact with the political police should be notified to a Nationalist official.

The political police are an integral part of the Establishment and are not politically "neutral". They form part of the Establishment's arsenal that can be directed against Australian Nationalism. No matter how "reasonable" individual officers may appear, THEY ARE NEVER TO BE TRUSTED.

Remember that these people have been carefully chosen and screened for conformity to the Establishment's ideology and have then been schooled in espionage and political harassment.

NOTE: The political police may, on occasion, use the "ordinary" police to do their work. BE AWARE OF THIS TACTIC. Do not speak about politically-related matters to any government officials, even to the "ordinary" police.

How to Combat the Political Police

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