How to Combat the Political Police

Appendix Four

White-Ant Killer

[This appendix is a reproduction of a document written by Tony Pitt of The Australians (a patriotic organisation, formed by some former members of the Confederate Action Party). While this is printed as being of general interest to Nationalists, its publication here should not be inferred as implying any connection to Tony Pitt, The Australians, or the Confederate Action Party; nor is any comment offered regarding Tony Pitt or any internal matters of the Confederate Action Party.]

Part 1

The big players use trickery.
We have entered big time politics and the big boys play dirty. It is better to lean how they operate by reading, rather than suffer from their disruptive strategies. The best way to destroy any small party is to run up thousands of dollars worth of unauthorised election expenses. Most small parties will pay the bills because they have integrity and value their own reputations. The plants rely on this trait. Protect yourself by having written authorisations and rigid guidelines as to who can authorise. Watch plants who spend limited funds on monogrammed telephone message pads and the like.

Watch for a pattern.
I first realised that there was a pattern to the attacks that destabilise pro-freedom groups when I watched a typical victim of professional political smear under pressure. This was significant and interesting because I had just been the victim of three or four similar attacks. It is easier to see the moves when you are not the victim. This paper deals with how the plants work, how they undermine parties and groups, how they can be recognised and where they appear.

What to watch for.
When your group or party is too busy infighting to do any outfighting, you have white-ants. The white-ants are always in to top executive. Typically they will interpret your constitution to mean that the members have no say, only the executive can make a decision. They want their way ONLY and to hell with what the members say or want. They will use bogus branches to enhance their voting power and control.

Our weaknesses.
We are completely vulnerable because they identify our primary weakness, the need to earn a living. When a party or a group is being formed these people front up as skilled and available. Everyone else breathes a sigh of relief that someone else has taken on the Presidency, the Treasurer, the Secretary, etc. I saw it with the Democrats. I was a founding member who went there to "keep the bastards honest". At that time I had no idea who the "bastards" were and what absolute "bastards" we were dealing with.

The plants come in various and numerous forms from the war hero to the back-to-front collar type. Their most common attribute is short arms and long pockets when funds are needed. They can be neutralised if they can be recognised.

Planned attack.
Be aware that they work in teams spreading rumours. When a party member gets a rumour from two or three seemingly independent sources, he or she is easily convinced of the authenticity of the information.
The Annual General Meeting is becoming the PLANT FESTIVE SEASON or GRUB MARDI GRAS time. It us the best time to catch white-ants. This is when the vermin are out in force. They are more easily detected at this time, so you be the detective. Watch their word games and record who is white-anting within the party. These are some of their standard word bender ploys.

Picking the intended victim.
Let us suppose they want to make sure that a mythical member BILL, who is a skilled, active and productive member of the Executive, does not stay in the Executive to do more harm to the major parties.

The white-ant will do any or all of the following:

Attack the victim's financial integrity.
The oldest one in the handbook for deceivers, is to intimate that BILL is syphoning off party funds. White-ant No. 1 can positively identify at least three occasions when a receipt was not issued. White-ant No. 2 will know of cash that was sent by mail to BILL and BILL pocketed it. White-ant No. 3 will indicate that BILL enjoys a rich lifestyle. The effect of these rumours certainly put BILL out of the running as treasurer.

Replacing good men with vermin.
Getting rid of an honest hard working treasurer leaves an unplanned and urgent vacancy. The way is clear for the only other person willing to take the workload, and that will be white-ant No. 4 who will be only too willing to accept a key position. Queenslanders from the old CAP would be aware of how effective a mole can be as Treasurer. They withdrew all funds from critical accounts illegally. They closed accounts without the knowledge or consent of signatories. They put funds into lawyers' trust accounts to ensure they were never made accessible to the people who owned the money, or would cause so much litigation that the cost of recovery would exceed the funds in the accounts. The money still sits there.

The element of surprise.
The allegations are always without notice during the biggest function and always come as a complete surprise to the victim. Being unprepared, he has no defence available. The attackers will have reams of "evidence", never less than forty pages long - and far more than can be read at a meeting - and there will be only two copies, one for the attacker, one for the chairman (and none for the victim). The ploy is usually aimed at derailing the election of a key worker. It usually achieves this, and - after the meeting and his non-election - whether he was guilty or innocent is immaterial. The election of office bearers is a long way off.

Crucial positions.
The Secretary is a key position and the moles always want this one. The white-ants will say "BILL can't be trusted with information. He blabs. He can't keep anything confidential, etc.". When it is humanly possible the white-ants can usually find some beautiful young female who has great secretarial skills; a word processor, a photocopier, and lots of spare time to devote to the party. This is just a fortunate coincidence.

A typical ploy.
The plants spread a rumour that my friend S... had been sacked from St... Catholic school for paedophile activities. It was all bunkum, but the victim had to spend considerable time getting the testimonials that he had not been sacked, that there were no paedophilia charges and that he was still being employed by the school etc.

Ineffective defence.
The few who actually saw the letter from the Catholic School, clearing the victim, compared with the number exposed to the lies disseminated by the plant illustrate the nature of the problem. The plant achieved considerable success.

The pain.
The mental anguish caused was gratifying to the grub, and to those who put him there to do the dirty work. S... was forced to direct his time and energy to clearing his good name. It cost him time and money. His energy was not directed to attacking the enemy; a very successful smear was chalked up. No doubt the smearer got his thirty pieces of silver.

Attributing statements.
BILL said "I am the most powerful man in the party". This is a good one. The people in the party immediately identify BILL as an ego maniac. The very suggestion that anyone presumes to have the power to bypass our democratic vote is an emotional trigger. The white-ants use triggers.
ALTERNATIVELY, Bill said "I most dangerous man in Australia". The people hearing this one immediately write BILL off as a fruit cake. This ploy was used to good effect in the CEC. It discredited one of their members. The white-ants might just re-use it because it is very effective.

Business and the party.
BILL is making a fortune charging the party for his services, while other members give their time and effort for the good of the party. BILL sends accounts to Branches for unsolicited goods or services.

Fluffy rumours.
The vague rumour can be used to good effect. The white-ant simply says, "I couLd tell you a lot about BILL, but I had better not say anything".

Morality is a handy tool for rumour mongers. White-ant No. 1 talks about Bill having a crush on so-and-so's wife. White-ant No. 2 saw them at Surfers Paradise. White-ant No. 3 talks of BILL's poor wife and children. This ploy is used to sway the female party faithful.

When a plant stands for Chairman, be aware that the Chairman can disrail a party very easily by inertia, financial mismanagement, misdirected propaganda, and by encouraging division to keep the party fighting against itself.

Membership secretary.
I am a slow learner. I have watched not less than three membership secretaries either blow through with the membership records or leave records on disc in a format that cannot be accessed. The last ploy was so obvious that we were able to warn members and predict the treason. Sadly the warning went unheeded.

Half truth.
Every lie has to be built on fact to have greater credibility. The white-ants are trained to exploit any situation. One loyal hard worker organised a public meeting where seventy-odd people attended an expensive dinner. Two did not pay. They could not be identified because too many others sold tickets but two extra meals were eaten. The loyal hard worker was smeared as being financially irresponsible by the King Rat. It was most probably King Rat who organised the non-paying guests.

Playing on fears.
The average citizen is well aware that the scum of the earth now control much of the legal profession, and the court is worse than a casino as a quick way of losing money. In NSW King Rat toured meetings telling all and sundry that there was a $2,500,000 law suit pending against the party and the members were about to lose their homes. It was all lies but King Rat frightened off hundreds of members.

Creating the issues.
In my case the person who charged me with conducting business without authorisation had actually given me a personal letter giving his blessing. Fortunately I kept a copy and tabled it to show him to be a liar. Unfortunately he had a rent-a-rabble crowd who shouted me down and sidetracked any effort to get members to ask why someone should give a letter of authorisation and then pretend that there was no authorisation.

Fabricating stories.
A letter was circulated to every party member in Australia saying that I had addressed a public meeting at Maryborough and publicly declared that I was not a Christian, did not believe in God and did not read the Bible. No venue, time or date was quoted. No witness could be produced. The videos of the meeting had been sent everywhere. The cameraman could verify that no such statement was made. The whole story was untrue but effective. Nobody asked the people who had attended and organised my meetings whether I had said such a thing. They blindly accepted the word of a proven liar.

Letter smear.
By putting such smears in a circular to all members, the white-ants can really disrupt the party. The members don't know who or what to believe and they don't need or want to be associated with a party full of infighting. They vote with their feet. The liars can put out more smears, faster than the victim can answer, and what good is there in even answering? Those who want to believe the smear will, and those who know better get angry at the waste of time and money within the party. Either way the white-ants win. Then they brag how they spend thousands of dollars of their money, all for the sake of the party.

Defend your group.
Know your candidates. Know their track records. Plants usually have glowing testimonials from white-ants 1, 2, 3 and 4 but they seldom have a track record of having given to the party any financial support, time, effort, or innovative action. It is essential that all would-be candidates SHOW what they have done for the party in a five minute presentation at the election. It is also essential that the applicants declare where they worked, whether they have worked for the government, and in what capacity. In a new party ask every person who claims to represent a group, or to have backing, to show what the group produced, what it spent, and where it spent the money. Ask those who aspire to lead you to show samples of their work prior to joining.

Candidate smear.
The old "BILL has political ambitions. He is only using the Party as a stepping stone to Canberra and a cushy job" works well. This can be used to discredit every party member who would go to Canberra to change the mess that festers there.

Points of disorder.
Beware of the meeting white-ant. We saw these in action in the CAP a year ago. State council meetings were driven to distraction by procedural motions, points of order, amendments, and foreshadowed motions. At one meeting the white-ants sought to prevent discussion of CIR. They had a team of speakers for and against an earlier motion. We never got to CIR. They were overheard bragging about their tactics in the men's toilet. It is your job to prevent diversion of meetings from the floor. Only you can move that motions be now put or laid on the table. No matter what the chairman thinks, he can only do your will.

Always fine tuning.
The white-ants will keep you working on the Constitution, Policy, Platform, Party Structure, etc., until the cows come home. They will divert every effort to get members, put out material, discredit the major parties, get candidates up and running, etc.

White-ants love frivolous motions. They can dream them up by the score so that the meetings never deal with productive activity. Make sure you put motions that will get members, open new branches, promote a few better policies, inform the public, and win their hearts. Do not fall for the white-ant ploy. They want you to just keep fine-tuning policies.

Persistence and useful fools.
The white-ants come back time after time. In the CAP the first attack came from an ex-labour union delegate and an ex-National Party recruiting officer working in tandem (strange bed fellows). Good people were fed garbage and they swallowed it. The most outlandish attack seemed to come from the local village idiot. The second attack was similar in that annex - one white-ant (from ASIO or the Federal police?) used a village idiot as his mouthpiece. The third attack had a similar semi-literate village idiot as the most vocal attacker. After the third wave of attackers the party split again. It was divide and conquer. The white-ants were left with no hard workers to attack and no loyal friends to stab in the back so their next meeting was cancelled due to lack of interest. We just have to be strong enough to keep coming back for more until they tire.

The appeasement trick.
When the plants mount an attack and they meet opposition from someone who is articulate enough to call into question their actions, they change to personal attack. Then they call a break in the meeting and some stooge comes up to the articulate one and asks him to leave the meeting as a compromise to allow the meeting to recover, stabilise, "end the bickering", etc. If the articulate one goes, they get stuck into the attack with renewed vigour.

Stacking with bus loads and proxy voters.
We who are busy earning a living often cannot afford the time to attend all conferences. The enemy know this and they will bus the numbers to distant meetings to control the vote and get their way. Beware of a busload of no-hopers who have done nothing for the party suddenly appearing. When this occurs the Chairman should close the meeting.

We have even had the union bully-boy tactics. They shout the honest speaker down and remain silent while their stooge speaks. The lowest effort was when big redneck farmers actually threatened to punch old age pensioners.

The things the major parties do not want to see in the minor parties is action, co-operation, and co-ordination. They and their financier mates have a lot to lose so they won't give up easily.

Stopping the spread of essential information.
The opportunity for potential members to communicate with branches and contacts is vital. Plants within the CAP stopped me publishing lists of branches and contacts. When I produced maps showing the distribution of branches and published lists of contacts in towns and suburbs across Australia, like-minded individuals rang or wrote to those contacts. Membership grew 100 fold in two years using this technique. I was charged with divulging "confidential" information.

The king hit.
If all else fails the political scum will resort to political and government interference. In the Electoral Act, there is a section which says who can make changes to the Register of Political Parties. Three members can. The government used stooges to destroy the CAP from within. Three men lodged an application to deregister the CAP. That was at 9:55am on Wednesday 29/7/93. By 5:30pm on Friday, the CAP had been struck from the register. How many public servants work until 5:30pm Friday? How many departments can get correspondence, make a decision, and implement that decision within two days?

End result.
The people who made the CAP the first real threat to the Establishment now look upon each other with distrust as the bitter factions take sides without any real knowledge of what went on. Good people still have faith in the very people who deregistered the party without the knowledge or consent of the members, branches, or the State Councils; and, out of loyalty and trust, they don't want to know the truth. It is impossible to find any of the traitors' faction with the guts to meet or talk with the ones they accuse.

Ultra vires action.
When all else fails the big boys will resort to costly legal action. There are enough crooked lawyers to do their dirty work, and the white-ants seem to have unlimited money when it comes to spending on issues that are not of benefit to the party.
When, after every dirty trick in the book was used, and the major parties still had not completely destroyed the CAP, the big-time lawyers were called in. A confrontation was arranged by activities so stupid that the party as whole would be incensed. The President, a rich farmer/grazier, sacked the party's media outlet and overturned the decisions of the State Council in Queensland. The State Councils sacked the President. This was the excuse the lawyers needed. An action was launched in the Supreme Court that was to cost at least $50,000. With an appeal or two this was to stretch into a long legal battle of about $200,000. Good for lawyers but bad for a party that didn't have $2,000. Rather than fall for the trap, the action was not contested, so the legal costs stopped at just under $20,000. The court ruling held that the President was reinstated. Not one branch or State Council in the Party remained.

Coping with white-ants

All parties need a Board of Trustees to deal with white-ants. They are needed to deal with "party discipline". The major parties would automatically seek to get their stooges put in as the Trustees; so the positions cannot even be open to the normal election process. Any new party should appoint Trustees. As a safeguard against Trustees going bad, or getting too arrogant, there must be a process where they can be removed by member-initiated referendum within the party.

When a whisperer pulls you aside and fills your ear with rumour or innuendo, always ask who the story came from. Write down what was said and who said it. If it is a serious allegation, send a brief note, detailing who said what, where, and when. Send the note to the person involved, the State Chairman, and to the President. If the matter has interstate connotations, inform the Chairman of the National Council. If you read this out or pass it around at Branch and State Council meetings the white-ants will be completely neutralised. They won't be game to spread their poison.

Put it on paper.
Ask the whisperer to put it on paper. If they won't, get up and tell the meeting what their allegations were and get them to explain why they won't put them to paper.

Make your party the first clean, open and honest party.
Work to keep it clean and honest.
Identify vermin and get rid of them.
Frame this. Hang it on the wall where you meet, to remind everyone that they must not spread seditious rumour and they must not let others spread their poison.

Photocopy this. Give it to every branch so they are prepared.
Send it to every other minority group, so they can be ready for the onslaught from the stooges.

White-ant killer

Part 2

1. White-ants destroyed the original Australia First Campaign from within, by accruing unauthorised debts. Even today, there are $96,000 worth of outstanding debts that nobody wants to pay. Same deal with the Confederate Action Party (such as with the Dixon and Mirani by-elections). Had the unauthorised debts not been paid, the credibility of the CAP would have been destroyed by the media hoo-haa generated by the major parties who planted the big spenders in the CAP in the first place, just as they planted the big spenders in Australia First.

By Public Notice, announce that all persons who order goods or services on behalf of the Party are personally responsible for payment of debts unless they have written authority signed by any two of the three authorised bank account signatories and that firms accepting unauthorised work can make no claim on the Party and, in the notice, say that the Public Notice is placed to stop the Party being destroyed by agents from entrenched parties running up expenses to discredit fledgling parties.

2. In the case of the CAP the National Treasurer and others deposited the bulk of the party funds in a solicitor's trust account. That was four years ago. Th money is still there, at Stevens and Tozer. The court action to release the money would consume the money. That money will revert to consolidated revenue after seven or ten years.

Don't put all eggs in one basket. Centralised power is great when the central power is honest. When the work load gets too great, the plants get it, and then all is lost. That is why our forefathers opted for six separate states (same solution).

3. The financial records of the CAP were put in for audit by the persons who destroyed the CAP by deregistering it without the knowledge or consent of the members, branches or State Councils. That was four years ago. The books, to the best of my knowledge, are still there.

Don't put all eggs in one basket. Centralised power is great when the cental power is honest. When the work load gets too great, the plants get it, and then all is lost. That is why our forefathers opted for six separate states.

4. They stole the CAP's membership computer, complete with the only full and up-to-date information on party membership. The police said, "You have the receipts proving ownership. It is yours. They have the property and won't return it. That is theft. We will prosecute". But they never did. Isn't that a coincidence?

Don't put all eggs in one basket. Centralised power is great when the cental power is honest. When the work load gets too great, the plants get it, and then all is lost. That is why our forefathers opted for six separate states.

5. They told us the CAP's membership records were top secret. Every major mail-out we did was obviously held by Australia Post until the Feds had sorted the mail and recorded every name and address. Their list of our members was more up-to-date than that of our State Councils.

Use your membership. Make it available to all who might use it to promote the growth of the party. When you have 3 or 5 members in the same post code area, send them each others address. Say, "Contact each other. Form a support group or branch". Send them each a print-out of the other members in their local area. Tell them to get relatives, friends, neighbours and work mates to join. Once the group is formed you save on postage. You invest five postage stamps to save fifty in the long term.

6. With membership records the computer "expert" got us. Only he could be trusted with disks, and he had a password so that nobody who was "unauthorised" could access the data. He resigned and gave us the disks. They were corrupt and could not be accessed. We lost the lot.

Don't put all eggs in one basket. Centralised power is great when the central power is honest. When the work load gets too great, the plants get it, and then all is lost. That is why our forefathers opted for six separate states.

7. They got us with the Expert Advice trick. The "experts" said, "Have positive non-controversial policies. Do not criticise the major parties. Muck throwing is not nice and some mud sticks to your fingers. Stay clean". We all knew this was nonsense. No party ever won an election on policy. All changes in politics occur when the voters wake up that the incumbents are crooked, stupid, or treacherous. The "expert" got us fighting over whether or not to criticise. We fought each other instead of the incumbents.

Tolerate diverse tactics. No one tactic will work alone.

8. All white-ants originally join and work with enthusiasm and vigour, even give money, before they start their underhand tactics. Some stay dormant for months, even years, to get a track record before they start their termite destruction. These are the hardest to detect and in the meantime have usually made sure they are in a position to be very destructive. They particularly like to work in the area of finance and membership.

The bank accounts of branches should have three signatories (usually the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer) with any two to sign cheques after expenditure has been authorised at a duly constituted meeting. There is a danger if the Treasurer must be one of the signatories to every cheque. The Treasurer can be a white-ant and at a vulnerable time (like paying for election material that has been authorised) can decide for some pedantic reason that the material shouldn't have been printed. White-ant Treasurers can also disappear with the cheque book and it is harder to convince the bank that you need a new cheque book to pay legal accounts if the Treasurer must sign all the cheques.

How to Combat the Political Police

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