How to Combat the Political Police

Appendix Six

The Captain

Captain, what do you think, I asked,
of the part your soldiers play?
The Captain answered, I do not think,
I do not think, I obey!

Do you think you should shoot a patriot down,
and help a tyrant slay?
The Captain answered, I do not think,
I do not think, I obey!

Do you think your conscience was meant to die,
and your brains to rot away?
The Captain answered, I do not think,
I do not think, I obey!

Then, if this is your soldier's code, I said,
you're a mean, unmanly crew,
and for all of your equipment, guns and braid,
I'm more of a man than you.

For whatever my lot on earth may be,
and whether I swim or sink,
I will always be sure that I can say with pride,
I do not obey - I think!!!

Author unknown

This poem is dedicated to those political police operatives that consider themselves as patriots, but use a twisted rationale to justify their employment as paid traitors to Australia. Such people are not actually "evil" as such (even so, they can never be trusted by ordinary decent Australians); they serve an evil, treacherous anti-Australian Establishment, but they rationalise what they do - they justify their work to themselves, even rationalising themselves as patriots ("I am serving my country by protecting our free and democratic way of life" - even though they really know that their anti-Nationalist activities are helping an Establishment which is anti-Australian, and which is driving Australia to its demise - and which will ultimately destroy Australia as we now know it). Strangely enough (but understandably if you understand their psychological make-up), some operatives take a perverse pride in carrying out orders and activities that they know to be wrong: This is rationalised with pride as "I am such a good, strong soldier that I can and will carry out any order in the service of my country"; yes, there is a "soldier" aspect to their psychology, in that they consider themselves as a part of the quasi-military hidden power of government (this is their psychological "fantasy", of feeling "powerful" by comprising part of a "powerful" machine). Mostly, political police operatives refuse to consider their own justifications for their actions - as to probe too deeply into their own rationale (with its inherent contradictions and implications) would be too painful, as it would be questioning the worth of their own life.

How to Combat the Political Police

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