Republic Versus Monarchy - part two, section seven
[Arguments for the Monarchy & the answers to them]

Republicanism is a personal insult to the Queen

Advocating an Australia Republic is not a tactic to impugn the integrity of Queen Elizabeth II. It is widely recognised that the Queen is hard-working, upstanding, and of high integrity. The creation of an Australian Republic would not be a show of any disrespect for the Queen personally, but would rather demonstrate the independence and integrity of the Australian people. It is extremely unlikely that Queen Elizabeth II is insulted by the fact that 28 of the 50 countries in the Commonwealth are Republics.(51)

In an address to Commonwealth leaders in October 1993 the Queen conceded she was increasingly less likely to remain the Head of State of those Commonwealth countries with Republican aspirations. The Australian Prime Minister, Paul Keating, also declared, after a private meeting with the Queen, that she "understands and can accommodate" his republican push.(52)

Indeed, Professor Geoffrey Bolton states that "For a long time, the palace view has been, 'We're in Australia for as long as you want us; as soon as you don't, tell us and we'll leave'".(53)

Republic Versus Monarchy

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