Republic Versus Monarchy

William Byrne


Definition of a Monarchy
Definition of a Republic

Part One: Arguments against the Monarchy
The Monarchy versus the ideal of democracy
The ridiculous nature of hereditary Monarchs
Denial of Australian independence
Stifles our national identity and culture
A Monarchy built on religious discrimination
A Monarchy built on sexual discrimination
Connected to the people? Foreign connections
Connected to the people? The Royal Surname
A false Monarchy

Part Two: Arguments for the Monarchy
(& the answers to them)
The Monarch creates unity and stability
The Monarch is politically neutral
The Queen is the "Queen of Australia", not a foreign Queen
The system works, why change it? ("If it ain't broke, don't fix it")
Republicanism is a divisive issue
Australia is a "Crowned Republic" anyway
Republicanism is a personal insult to the Queen
The Monarch is just a "symbol" and therefore we have no need to be concerned
Republicanism is a diversion from other pressing issues, and should be dealt with in the future

Part Three: The Royal Soap Opera
The Monarchy in trouble
An historical soap opera of British Royalty



December 1995

Note: Reference numbers with an asterix refer to those references which include a comment.

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