Republic Versus Monarchy - part two, section nine
[Arguments for the Monarchy & the answers to them]

Republicanism is a diversion from other pressing issues,
and should be dealt with in the future

It has been suggested that there are other, more pressing, issues for Australia to deal with, such as the economy, unemployment, Aboriginal issues, womens' issues, health and welfare, multiculturalism, etc. To counter this, Thomas Keneally has argued that just as development did not advance on one front alone, priorities did not have to be tackled sequentially; that the human experience is of development on many fronts at once. Australia, as a mature nation, has the ability to tackle several problems simultaneously.(54)

The idea that the issue of a Republic should be dealt with in the future is a old and tired argument. Both the "pressing issues" and the "not now, later" arguments were used against the movement for the Federation of the Australian colonies: cries of "the whole question be postponed in favour of 'urgent local legislation'" and "the time had not come" used against proposals for Federation are now being heard again, but this time as arguments against the creation of a Republic.(55)

If such arguments had been listened to, Australia would have remained as a collection of separate colonies rather than a united Federation. Such arguments serve only to stem progress through orchestrated inaction. If the "not now, later" brigade were to be listened to, the world would have remained in the Dark Ages.

Republic Versus Monarchy

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