Republic Versus Monarchy - Conclusion


As has been noted in this document, there are many arguments both for and against the notion of having the Monarchy in Australia. It would also be obvious that the arguments for retaining the Monarchy are actually quite shallow in nature, and easily refuted by reasoned analysis. While there are quite a few arguments for abolishing the Monarchy, many of these could be described as incidental as they are able to be rectified by changing circumstances, leaving really only three main arguments that are essential to the Republican proposition. These are that having a Monarchy is 1) against the egalitarian nature of Australian democracy, 2) a denial of Australian political independence, and 3) a stifling influence against Australia's national identity and culture.

As a political matter, the issue is straightforward, and - in the final analysis - demands only one answer to a simple question:

Does Australia's sovereignty lie in the people, or in the Queen?

Additional comment:
The only reason we have a foreign monarch is by reason of our historical origins. Such an arrangement would never have been deliberately chosen as a logical system of government. Does anyone really think that if a country was looking for a new system of government that they would say "Hey, I know, why don't we have the Queen of England as our Head of State"? The idea would be ludicrous.

Republic Versus Monarchy

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