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These links have been listed for those who wish to contact an active Nationalist/Patriotic organisation in Australia.
DISCLAIMER: It should go without saying that the inclusion of any particular link does not in any way express or imply any endorsement of any political/social viewpoint that is being expressed or implied in such link.
Of course, even though this has been plainly stated, some idiot is bound to cite a link, or links, listed below as proof that this implies some form of endorsement (sigh).

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Australia First Party
An organisation that has expressed concern over issues of immigration, multiculturalism, and Asianisation. It was originally founded by Graeme Campbell, who was then the federal Member of Parliament for Kalgoorlie (1980-1998).
Sydney branch
Melbourne branch

Eureka Youth League
"To preserve our heritage and identity as Australians, to impart that heritage and articulate the quality of that unique identity founded upon the spirit of race and place, and to provide a fraternal environment for young Australians."

Southern Cross Greens
"The Southern Cross Greens are committed to ensuring the continuance of the bio-diversity of our ancient motherland, and of the maintenance of eco-systems in their entirety; for the construction of sustainable non-polluting commerce, industry and agriculture, to provide a purposeful, culturally enhanced lifestyle for present and future generations of our European and Australoid peoples."

The Eureka Council of NSW
Providing information on Australia's native heritage and history.

The Sydney Forum
An annual event of patriotic and nationalist speakers.

The National Republicans
A radical nationalist left movement, based upon a philosophy of Australian Nativism.


Australian Nationalist Ideological, Historical, and Legal Archive
A large selection of documents of interest to Nationalists. "We wish to recraft the ideological impetus of the Australian movement of national resistance against the globalist state, into an articulate, informed, conscious and deliberate movement. We wish to inspire those who set out to act in order acquire Australian identity, independence and freedom."
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