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The "Australia: Organisations of Interest" links may also be of interest.

Promotes the buy "Australian Made, Australian Owned" concept.

Argues for a new national flag for Australia.

The Australian League of Rights
Christian conservative patriotic organisation

Australian National Flag Association
Queensland branch
Opposes attempts to change the current Australian national flag.

The Great Australians
Originated from the Austand organisation
Promotes the buy "Australian Made, Australian Owned" concept. Opposes most foreign investment in Australia; outlines several good reasons why such investment - in most cases - is not economically beneficial to Australia.

The Inverell Forum
An annual event of patriotic and nationalist speakers.

Lock Stock and Barrel
Patriotic site

Muslims Out
"This site is run by a bunch of average western guys from all over the world. We are sick of mass Muslim immigration and the way that it is changing our countries."

National Action
Racial-nationalist organisation.

Nick Maine's Homepage: An Information Service
"Race, Culture, Heritage and news from around the globe that newspapers seldom print".

One Nation
A populist conservative organisation that has expressed concern over issues of immigration, multiculturalism, and Asianisation. It was originally founded by Pauline Hanson, who was - at that time - federal Member of Parliament for Oxley (Queensland).

The SOPRANOs - Save Our People, Race, And Nation Organisation
Website opposing genocide against White Australians

Sustainable Population Australia
Victorian branch
Sustainable Population Australia (formerly known as "Australians for an Ecologically Sustainable Population").
Information provided by SPA (AESP) research reinforces what Nationalists have been saying for years: that mass immigration is doing untold damage to Australia's environment.

Union Against Multiculturalism
Argues against Multiculturalism

Other sites of interest

People and Place
A magazine published quarterly by the Centre for Population and Urban Research, People and Place presents key information on migration patterns, the labour market, urban growth, the environment and related topics.

Nationalist Publications
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Australian Nationalism Information Database