Fire of the Southern Cross

A Collection of Poetry for Australian Nationalists

Alphabetical List of Poetry (by author's surname)

William Baylebridge, 1939

Number and Nationality
William Baylebridge, 1939

Men In Green
David Campbell, 1944

Up North
David Campbell, 1949

Chinese Emigration
George Chanson, 1869

Armistice: To His Dead Cobber from The Sentimental Bloke
C.J. Dennis, (1920s?)

A Song of Anzac
C.J. Dennis, (1920s?)

A Message: Armistice Day 1936
C.J. Dennis, (1936)

Sky Death
Pat Gallagan, 1944

The Song That Men Should Sing
Kenneth Mackay, 1899

Major-General Bennett and His True Men
Mary Gilmore, 1942

No Foe Shall Gather Our Harvest
Mary Gilmore, 1940

Mary Gilmore, 1942

Mary Gilmore, 1942

The Sale
Mary Gilmore, 1942

Freedom on the Wallaby
Henry Lawson, 1891

In the Storm That Is To Come
Henry Lawson, 1904

For Australia
Henry Lawson, 1905

Waratah and Wattle
Henry Lawson, 1905

Australia's Peril (The Warning)
[An extract]
Henry Lawson, 1905

To Be Amused
Henry Lawson, 1906

Every Man Should Have A Rifle
Henry Lawson, 1907

Fall In, My Men, Fall In
Henry Lawson, 1909

Here Died
Henry Lawson, 1909

At the Beating of a Drum
Henry Lawson, 1910

The Wattle
Henry Lawson, 1910

My Country
Dorothy Mackellar, 1908

Nation of the Blind
Ian Mudie, 1941

Ian Mudie, 1941

If This Be Treason
Ian Mudie, 1943

Australia Day: 1942
Ian Mudie, 1942

D.V. Munro, 1944

A Bushman's Song
[An extract]

Chinese Immigration
Chas. R. Thatcher, 1857

For Freedom
Howarde Tilse, 1942-44?

The Owen-Stanley Track
Howarde Tilse, 1943

Shearer's Letter Home (From New Guinea)
R.A. Waters, 1944

author unknown:

Bless Australia
Author unknown, (late 1970s?)

The Chinaman
author unknown, 1881

The Fine Fat Saucy Chinaman
author unknown, (1850s?)

Keep White the Strain
Author unknown, (late 1800s?)

Ned Kelly Was A Gentleman
author unknown (1942-44?)

The Only Land For Me
"A Currency Lad", 1832

Fire of the Southern Cross: A Collection of Poetry for Australian Nationalists

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